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2016. november 29. 14:54 - Bognár Tas


The Private Online Workshop includes two spiritually important and beneficial subject for mankind to use them in the daily life as well as helping others and our own self: seeing the aura, and developing our sixth sense, from a professional aurareader and clairevoyant who studied his techniques in eastern Tibetan monasteries for five years, practiced for twenty years, and has been working in the field as a full-time job for fifteen years.

 You will learn and practice the following:

  • Generally understand energies
  • Detailed understanding the nature of the aura
  • Causes of the changing of an aura
  • Meaning of colors of the aura
  • Understanding the eye, related of aura reading (including optical illusions)
  • Practices to be able to see the aura
  • Main practice, where everyone will see for the first time what we are talking about!
  • Understanding the sixth sense related to the mind, and the mindfield
  • Learning different kind of meditations, as they are important for the state of mind
  • The way of practice in the everyday life
  • Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)
  • Understanding the 3 main kinds of failure in intuition (mostly subjective visions)
  • Helping tools as amplifyers for better intuition
  • Learning the main practice of the tibetan Tong-Len
  • Understanding and practice how to transform the incoming negative energies and informations
  • Remote healing
  • Self healing by the Tong-len technique
  • The main general practice of clairevoyance
  • Moral instructions for everybody before using this gift


More about this unique teaching:

Seeing the aura is our own born-with capability, that doesn't need any spiritual preparedness, but as an adult, we need to practice to get this gift back again. Our eyes are not that sensitive compare to a little baby, but when we mastering it, in a few weeks it can come back into our life.

Reading the aura is something we have to learn from someone, who has experience in it for decades. There is nothing spiritual in it! It is useable in the grounded daily life like family, bussiness, self-knowledge etc.

Learning to use our intuition (sixth sense, third eye) is the main subject of the second day of the training. This is also a capability that we were born with, but we forgot to use it as an adult, so practice will give us back this „supernatural” gift into our life, not only for a daily use, but higher purposes as well. The tibetan practices for intuition are very specific, but easy to do every day!

Practicing our intuition and mastering our sixth sense is a  life-long practice, just like riding a bicycle. We need to learn how to ride our consciousness on the highways of the mindfield. Practicing to use our sixth sense is easy, but extremely benefitial, as it is the only sensor of us, that has no limit of time and space.




Tas Bognar learned this techniques from Tibetan masters in Asian monasteries for 5 years, practiced them for 20 years, worked as a clairevoyant for 15 years, and teached the subject internationally for 10 years. Thousands of students proved him that this skills are available for everyone! Working for the police and the National Security since 2008, found dozens of lost people -living or dead-, and done other psychic tasks for Europe.


Some light meditation before the training is highly recommended!

If there is any question, don’t hesitate to contact me:



  • Am I really able to learn all this techniques over Skype?

You don't have to learn your born-with abilities, but it is recommended to learn how to use them from someone, who went trough the difficulties of the practices, and who teaching and using all this not only in the everyday life, but as a professional aurareader for years. Needless to say that we have to practice the techniques every day for the results.


  • Everyone can see auras?

We were born as a baby with the ability to see more, when our pupills were 8 mm wide. As an adult, our pupills are just 4 mm wide, but with the right practice, we can get back this very usefull gift.


  • How can I make a difference between my own subjective vision and the intuition?

This is one of the main purpose and result of the daily practice. Most of the people thinks of their subjective vision as a deep intuition. On the other side, most of the people think of their intuition as their own thinking. We have to be able to separate the feelings of this two kinds of phenomena.


  • Is there anything to be feared of using our third eye?

Of course you will see and understand more by the time of your practice, but you have nothing to be feared of! It is just like when you start to see with your own eyes, and you can see good and bad things as well. But when we see more in time and space with our intuition, we can avoid many fustrating things, moreover, we will learn how to transform negative feelings in a tibetan way. The tibetan saying states: „by intuition we can be in the right place in the right time doing the right things”.


Welcome everyone!


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